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 Design for Life 

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True Life Design is a Singapore based interior design specialist with passion and confidence in giving our clients quality interior design solutions at a reasonable price. We provide our professional design expertise in HBD, condominium and landed property. We also diversify into designing commercial retail and office workspaces. One of our flagship interior designs includes Serangoon Broadway, a well-known university graduation provider in Singapore. Designing your dream home may be a complicated process. But fret not! we are here to help you throughout, listen to your needs and taking care of all the details to ensure that space planning, furniture selection, and renovation are accustomed to what you have envisioned. We guarantee that you will be satisfied with our work, as most of the new customers are referred through word of mouth of our happy customer. 

True LIFE Design Pte Ltd is an interior design specialist based in Singapore, established in 2015, and our designer has over 30 years of industry experience.  We cater to a one-stop solutions approach for interior design, ranging from consultation, design to customized furniture. We have a wide array of a portfolio in residential and commercial. Our hallmark design work is Serangoon Broadway, which is a familiar brand that provides graduation service provider of Singapore tertiary institution.  Our designs are accustomed to the lifestyle of our clients, which can be improved and upgrade the life of people residing in the space. We believe to be true to our client, by providing the best quality and best pricing. We believe the best for our clients, and strive to achieve customer satisfaction. The company grew throughout these years through referrals of our satisfied clients.

Design For Life

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